Scripting Educational and Learning Content

The word engagement is used a lot in our industry, but when it comes to learning content and wanting to generate behavioural change, engagement is essential – and that is where we come in.

We can work with stakeholders, audiences, educationalists, researchers, or take source materials such as text-books or data, and weave engaging learning content around it. Transforming dry statistics or information into a powerful narrative, or bringing storytelling techniques into your course content to make them interesting and exciting. 

We have all sat through dull presentations and learning, information that we can’t engage with – we can transform that experience and help design content that delivers; learning that sticks. 

From explainer videos to online learning resources, we love to create an engaging and inspiring script that leaves an impact on an audience.

Creating a powerful story around your message – whether that’s telling people to wash their hands or explaining the latest accounting technique – is what we specialise in. 

Let us help create a narrative that delivers results.

Engagement - making sure your audience is engaged with the learning is one of the reasons our learning content writers can help you to transform your learning materials.
From early years to post-graduate, engineering content to financial software, medical products to nail anatomy, our learning content writers bring wide-ranging expertise in engaging multiple target audiences to any project.

What is a typical project?

There isn’t one. One week we will be writing a three minute video showcasing the features of a new medical product, the next we’ll be creating hours of animated content on chemistry. From user guides, introductory videos and detailed product walkthroughs to entire online courses and classroom materials for KS1 to KS4 – we have done it all. With our background in media and video content, the majority of our work involves film or animation, but we have also worked in print and app development, and created online learning assets.

We do like science, history and the arts, but we’ll turn our hands to anything (and have!).

Our freelance learning content writers worked with educationalists, researchers and animators to create a project for the BBC on Women's Suffrage.
Source research material from a recent learning project for the BBC on Women's Suffrage.

What's your process?

We begin by understanding the course objectives and pedagogy. We will outline a syllabus to achieve those objectives, before breaking that down into individual lessons and content. 

Collaboration and communication are key, throughout.

Collaborating with target learner audiences, stakeholders and your education team and maintaining communication throughout. We can be as hands-on as you want, designing everything from the course, learning objectives, quizzes and questions or simply work on one element of a larger project.

How much do you charge?

Our team charge a day rate and provide a fixed cost quote for any project. There are no hidden costs, so you’ll know exactly what you are paying in advance.
We find this works best for our team and for clients, providing transparent  pricing at the start of the project, based on our estimate of the number of days a script or course will take.

Still curious or want to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about the type of learning project we work on then check out our learning projects section for some learning content writing examples, or contact us to discuss your project. 

We also provide website copy and marketing support, if you are interested. 

As with all writing projects, when it comes to copywriting, our mission is to simplify the complex, building a compelling message that gets through to the right audience and converts them into customers. We are experts at finding the story, the narrative behind your message and delivering it.

Every day people are inundated with bad messaging, junk mail, branded content and communications that miss the mark. If your message ends up unread in the bin,  lost or forgotten, then the narrative needs to be changed. It has to be engaging and relevant to the audience. It has to stand out. Your message needs to be brought to life.

And that is where we help, with expert writing; creating content that engages your audience and moves them to act, delivering the results you need